Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Greens not to the rescue

Only half a day after the Walloon greens showed a slight willingness to negotiate a paricipation in the new Belgian government, the idea seems to have been buried. The Walloon liberals reacted first and rather positively. ‘If a party puts some demands on the table before accepting to negotiate, it shows its willingness to negotiate’, said Didier Reynders, president of the MR.

But the two christian democrat parties were not so pleased. ‘By putting up two demands, difficult to realise, about two other parties, Ecolo declined for the time being to defend its program inside a government’, concluded Joëlle Milquet, the president of the CDH. As for the Flemish christian democrats (CD&V), their president, Jo Vandeurzen, said that the proposal of Ecolo to keep the N-VA out of the negotiations ‘could not be taken seriously’. N-VA is the nationalist cartel partner of CD&V.

The president of the Flemish green party Groen, Vera Dua, (picture) meanwhile explained that she was not consulted by Ecolo about an eventual participation in a government. Dua indicated that her party did not want to enter in a centre right government, certainly not while the socialist party is in the opposition.

Royal scout Herman Van Rompuy reported about his mission to king Albert in the Belvédère-palace in Brussels on Monday evening. Afterwards he had again separate discussions with the four party presidents of the christian democrat and liberal parties. His spokesman told the media that Van Rompuy would not brief them for the time being.

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