Monday, 23 August 2010

Crisis in Belgium (revisited)

It is time to start up this blog again, as Belgium is heading towards a another political crisis, deeper maybe than the one of 2007. I started my story three years ago as an exercise in blogging and reporting in English (and for my students in journalism at that time) and ‘in an attempt to explain to people abroad why my country, Belgium, is going through one of its most difficult political crisis ever’. The latter motive still matters, as I learned from some surprising reactions once I stopped blogging in december 2007 when ‘the political crisis was over, for the time being’. I hope that, among others, the trader from Hongkong, who had to report about investment opportunities in Belgium for his bank, and the political scientist from Vancouver will be interested again. Like the previous time I will start with the latest news, and try to catch up with events between 2007 and today in short briefings I hope to publish in the coming weeks. And of course many things that I wrote in 2007 can still be repeated today, although – as we will learn – the deep economic crisis has changed a lot of things.

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