Monday, 14 February 2011

A small rebuke

The Parti Socialiste, the main party in French-speaking Belgium, on Monday imposed some limits on the proposals of informateur Didier Reynders. Its main demand was that the Flemish socialists should continue to participate in the negotiations.

Elio di Rupo, the president of the PS, insisted on Monday after a meeting of his party bureau that he will only negotiate about institutional reform and a new government ‘in the presence of the Flemish socialists’. By saying this he was rebuking Didier Reynders, the outgoing president of the French-speaking liberals and an old-time rival of di Rupo. Reynders had last Saturday proposed a coalition of six parties in which the Flemish socialists were not included, but had left open the possibility that other parties could join.
In its statement the Parti Socialiste on Monday also signalled that the mission of Didier Reynders had been limited in scope: he had only to clear the field somewhat on institutional reform, nothing else. Reynders two days ago not only proposed a coalition-formula, but also tried to open up the discussion on socio-economic matters.
The informateur did not react immediately. There were rumours Monday evening that he would consult the mayor players, di Rupo and Bart De Wever, the leader of the Flemish nationalists, Tuesday before going to report to the King on Wednesday.

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  1. Great to be able to read something about this issue. Here in England, it is barely mentioned on the news. I would have thought that the BBC would screen one or two in-depth programmes analysing the source of the problems in Belgium, but no.

    Thank you, Mr. Falter.